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Ko-BOOM: Craigslist Tom's Appeal & The Momo' Ko Smackdown

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Following up on yesterday's big Craigslist Tom/Gael Greene/Momofuku Ko debacle, the Tom in question sends an email to Eater, Grub Street, and god knows who else claiming Momofuku Ko got it wrong and double booked the resy. Well it turns out Momo' Ko's IT department has the proof that he did in fact cancel, way before the night of the resy before even, his famous Craigslist ad. First Tom's letter, and then the Momofuku Ko's refuting evidence:

"...The thought of reserving a table (or in this case two seats) at a restaurant and cancelling only to show up claiming to have a reservation is an act that has never crossed my mind. I was presented with a unique opportunity to have dinner with one of the most revered and well-known restaurant critics in this country, a terrific experience that I will always remember, and one that will be impossible to replicate. I would never risk ruining such an experience by showing up to a restaurant and falsely claiming to have a reservation, let alone having Gael be subject to such a risk and lie on my behalf.
"...There is no refuting your reporting on there being some confusion that night at the restaurant. It was equally unexpected and puzzling to both Gael and I as to how the table was double booked, and why my reservation was shown as a cancellation..."
Interesting Tom, very interesting. According to Momofuku Ko's IT gurus though, the story doesn't quite add up. They have a record of someone from his IP address using his account making the following moves:
Getting to confirm page
2008-04-24 14:01:26

Getting Email
2008-04-24 14:01:32 (GMT)

Log file showing tom Canceling
2008-04-24 14:34:40

Same ip logging back in. Did he realize his mistake?
2008-04-24 14:36:38

So Tommy boy made the resy at 10:01 p.m., canceled at 10:34, and then tried to log in again at 10:36 to rectify the situation. Then he proceeded to post his ad on Craigslist, take Gael Greene, and advertise to the blogs that he is being victimized. Misplay Tom. Misplay.
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