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EaterWire: Benoit Finally Snags Liquor License

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MIDTOWN—Alain Ducasse's new French bistro Benoit finally got its liquor license today. While this news may sound like a downer for those of you hoping to feast on his famous whole chicken with your own retail wine, the proprietors of the restaurant and lovers of Ducasse's wine lists think this is, oh, about 11 days overdue. From their PR: "Guests are now welcome to visit Benoit for a glass of wine or signature Champagne Martinis at the bar. In addition, in the restaurant, guests can order from Benoit’s wine list, which features more than 200 selections of whites and reds." [EaterWire]

Benoit Bistro

60 West 55th Street, New York, NY 10019 646 943 7373

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