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DOH Chronicles: Bao Noodles Closed by DOH?

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Murray Hill: And the Murray Hill shutterings continue. The latest victim: Bao Noodles. This is a more mysterious case than Curry Leaf or Popeye's however, because we can't say with complete certainty that this is a DOH'ing. We received a tip late last week that the Vietnamese noodle joint was sporting an ominous yellow sticker, and the restaurant's inspection in April was bad enough to require a follow up compliance inspection. The evidence isn't in the Bao's favor. Sadly by the time Eater correspondents arrived on the scene, the gate was down, construction sign up. But we know better than to believe those signs. Official DOH word is forthcoming.
UPDATE: From the DOH: "Bao Noodle was closed on Wednesday, May 14 following an inspection that found a vermin infestation. An estimated 15 flies were found in four separate areas of the restaurant. Other conditions contributing to the closing were over 10 lbs of food kept at hazardous temperatures."
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