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Good News/ Bad News Cabrito

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Cabrito, the newest creation from team DeChelaccio, opened in the old BarFry space at 50 Carmine just one month after the failed tempura bar closed. The focus here: the always tempting, shall we say craveable, goat. It's only a week out, but of course some intrepid commenters, eGulleters, and the like have stopped by to weigh in (our impressions here). As is always the case, they bring us some good news...and some bad news:

1) The Halfway Decent News: The only Chowhound review gives Cabrito a mixed bag: "It was quite tasty! They're still working out a few kinks I think, but overall a very good dining experience and one we will repeat. The ceviche was absolutely amazing. The best thing we had...The fish taco was a little disappointing. The beer-battered fish was bland and kind of mushy. It wasn't terrible but I wouldn't order it again. The skirt steak taco was very good - well seasoned, tender, fresh. My friend ordered the Chicken-Tomatillo Enchiladas and she enjoyed them, though she said they were a little salty. We also split an order of black beans and they were also heavy on the salt..." [CH]

2) The Good News: The first Eater commenter to weigh in has an all-out rave: "Food was great and well received by all members of our party. Cocktails were great (try the Sauzarac!), and business looked to be booming, with the all tables filled, bar packed, and people lined-up on the sidewalk waiting for a table. We tried a variety of dishes, and all were flavorful, creative spins on mexican dishes...You can poke you're head into the kitchen while heading to the WC. We yelled in a quick kudos to the kitchen staff and David came over for a moment to ask us how we liked everything and thank us for coming. He said they had been working flat-out to get the place turned-around and open so quickly." [Eater Comments]

3) The Suspiciously Good News: The one review on Savory Cities is weirdly excited about the place: "Great new authentic Mexican from the guys from fatty crab. Awesome tacos and Cemitas. Drinks are really original. Saw Scarlett Johansen on the back patio! Nice." [Savory Cities]

4) The Bad News: The one eGullet review is impressed with the space, not with the food or crowd: "...none of the food is revelatory but most of it's pretty good. the signature cabrito, alas, was overcooked and dry. decent attempt at a cocktail list with some good ideas...and the usual tendency toward sweetness. crowd was a bit was packed (unlike Barfry)....and not a neighborhood or dailycandy crowd either. felt sort of like all of Tortilla Flats had come a few blocks over (without the birthday parties)." [eG]

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