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EaterWire: Power Outage at Allen & Delancey

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LOWER EAST SIDE—Looks like there's some trouble in paradise. We've now read two separate reports of a power outage at LES darling Allen & Delancey last night, and there's still no word as to whether the problem has been fixed. From a disgruntled would-be diner:

"Allen & Delancey claimed that their kitchen lost power last night and turned away all their customers. All the lights in the dining area and bar were on though...I was a bit pissed that they didn't just call us (they did call to confirm our reservation) to tell us about this to save us the trip."
At first we figured/hoped there could be a scandal afoot, but a post on Doree Chronicles corroborates the intel:
"That was when most of the lights went out and the music stopped...Then the manager came over and said the electrician was coming; his entire kitchen was out, including the coolers and the hood and the stove. We were welcome to wait, or leave."

Questions abound, but as of 11:45 the restaurant that is usually prompt about answering their resy line right at 10 a.m. has not picked up the phone. Could the power still be out? Will they be canceling all Friday night resys? How much money did they lose in food and sales last night? And why, why, why did this happen? If any questions are answered, you will be the first to know.
UPDATE: According to both their PR reps and a tipster, Allen & Delancey is answering their phones again, will be back in business tonight, and is getting the kitchen back in order right this very moment.
· Electric Company [Doree Chronicles]

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