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Plywood Special: 2nd Ave Deli Coming to East 14th St.??

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East Village: A devoted resident on 14th and C has been closely watching a development on the south side of 14th and offers evidence that, wait for it, 2nd Ave Deli may be working on a project there. From the inbox: "As I tipped before, there is something going into the old "Jack's Deli" spot on 14th Street and Ave C right next to the Auto Parts store. Trucks have been in and out of there all month, including the 2nd Ave Deli van. This morning, a grease recycle and maintenance truck, a food supply truck, a plumbing and sprinkler truck, and the aforementioned van showed up to do some work. Scaffolding in front of the place is still up, and no one working will say anything, but I'm psyched." Oh, and so are we. Developing. [PLYWOOD]

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