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Pizza Friday Delivery Wars: Bread Tribeca vs. Dean's

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Welcome to Delivery Wars, a new feature on Eater where we pit one restaurant's delivery service against another's to see who is the best in the city. Restaurants will be scored on the ordering experience, delivery time, the presentation, and the correctness of the order. Want to play Delivery Wars at your office? Take notes, and let us know how it goes.

Bread Tribeca vs. Dean's
This is a battle of fancy pizza vs serious pizza as much as it is a battle between delivery techniques. By no means are Bread Tribeca and Dean's slice places, and they're worlds away from Ray's, but they are still serve vastly different pies. Timing, order accuracy, and presentation of course come into play but so do the judges' predilections towards a certain kind of crust and an appreciation for value. And let's just say right off, both of these pizza places come to play. On to the dirty details.

Bread Tribeca:
Order Time: 11:55 a.m.
Type of Order: Phone call
Contents of Order: One Margherita, One Quattro Formaggi
Cost: $27.09 (with tax and tip)
Total Delivery Time: 21 Minutes
Distance to office: 1 mile
Presentation: The presentation was attention-grabbing but we found it a bit silly. Bread Tribeca uses regular pizza boxes, turns them inside out, and puts their label on top.
Office Judgment: The pizzas here are small, individual sized pies with extremely thin crusts (one taster described it as sauce on a water cracker). Some complained that the pie was undercooked while others maintained that that is just the Bread Tribeca way. Overall they serve some tasty pizza, but you need at least one pie per person.

Order Time: 12:00 p.m.
Type of Order: Phone call
Contents of Order: One large plain, one small mushroom
Cost: $37.39 (with tax)
Total Delivery Time: 25 Minutes
Distance to office: .5 miles
Presentation: The pizza box was nothing special, but Dean's gets extra points for including plates, napkins, utensils, and small containers of oregano, red pepper flakes, and garlic powder.
Office Judgment: The office was satisfied with these pies. They're hearty, with a thin but still substantial crust, and ample sauce and fresh mozzarella. The size fed the seven pizza eaters who feared they would starve after seeing the size of BT's pies.

Final Assessment:
Dean's served up more hearty and consistently liked pies and sent along napkins and plates. Bread Tribeca's pizzas were considered more gourmet by some due to their fancy cheeses and wafer-like crust but lose points for value. Both restaurants did a great job at getting the pizza to us in under half an hour.

Winner: Dean's
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