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Eater Sneak Preview: Highbar

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Highbar, one of the city's newest rooftop lounges, opened last night for a friends and family preview before their official opening next week, and we have to say it has a pretty sweet setup. Great views, a modern design, plenty of cushioned seating (including private beds), and a grill for burgers all make it a great summer night spot. And the fact that Greg Brier of D’Or, and Amalia is behind it means these kids know what they're doing.

But there's a catch. The level of douchiness will undoubtedly be an issue the second it opens (in 9 days) and will reach unbearable heights by mid-June. However, Brier has said he is trying his damnedest to attract industry types with special parties and discounts. But no matter what he does, the location off Times Square (at 48th and 8th) means all kinds of be-suited office types will be cramming in for their $18 cocktails (and helping Brier pay his rent, natch). Our thinking is, if you are invited to a party here, go. Otherwise, don't say we didn't warn you.
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