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Two is a Trend: Self Serve Fro-YO

Upon discovering Yogurtland, the new self serve Fro-Yo spot in the West Village, we wondered if it would be the next thing to hit the heavily saturated NYC frozen yogurt market. Well, we wonder no more. Check out this reader email reagarding 16 Handles:

"I have news for you! And it deals with the Fro-Yo Wars! The spot on 2nd Avenue between 9th St. and 10th St. that used to be a Cold Stone will be a new frozen yogurt stop called 16 Handles. The lease was just signed on it. The reasoning behind the name is that it's self-serve, 16 fro-yo machines (so...16 flavors?), several dozen toppings, and then you pay by the ounce. Construction is starting very very very soon since I believe the owners (California transplants) want to have it open as early in the summer as possible."
Don't even begin to think it will end here.
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