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EaterWire: Jimmy's No. 43 Shuttered by DOB, Randolph's on Broome Expanding, Wolfgang Responds to Wolfgang, and More!

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EAST VILLAGE— It was only a matter of time before this happened: "I just went by Jimmy's 43 on 7th Street for their "Beer and Bacon" special and it's shuttered. There's a sign from the Building Department (NOT DOH), dated May 12th, saying the building is unfit for occupancy. There's a few other buildings on the block with the same sign." [EaterWire]

NOLITA— Bottomless Dish is reporting that Randolph's on Broome is getting a makeover: "Co-owner Hari Kalyan tells us he's brought esteemed Milk & Honey mixologist Matty Gee on board as his new partner, and together they'll roll out a new and improved version of the bar that features a pro pianist churning out bebop and ragtime tunes, new seating and other interior renovations. Oh yeah, they'll also be serving up a new menu..." [Bottomless Dish]

LOS ANGELES— Yesterday Wolfgang Puck brought a lawsuit against the owner of Wolfgang's Steakhouse (Wolfgang Zwiener) for opening an LA branch that is too easily confused with his chain. Today, Zwiener responds: "Busting through all the legalese and details, it's also noted that Zwiener and Puck's restaurants look nothing alike, and per Peter Zwiener: 'My father has been universally known in the steakhouse business as Wolfgang for decades, long before Mr. Puck entered the restaurant business.' So there." [Eater LA]

CARROLL GARDENS— Cutty has the news on a Carroll Gardens expansion: "This summer, it will be easier to get a table at Chestnut in Carroll Gardens. The restaurant is expanding into a separate bar space next door, says owner Daniel Eardley. Look for a bar menu featuring small plates and a selection of handmade chocolates." [Cutlets]
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