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Observer Names Meyer, Bruni, McNally Most Powerful Foodies in NY Real Estate

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Today the New York Observer runs their list of the 100 Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate. Scan the whole thing to learn about you Amanda Burdens and your Ian Schragers. But for your convenience, we've culled out the food guys from Health czar Dr. Thomas Frieden to restaurant superstar Keith McNally to the lord of New York dining himself, Mr. Frank Bruni:

#24 Danny Meyer: "The restaurateur from St. Louis triggered the transformation of an entire neighborhood with the opening of his Union Square Café in 1985; the once-seedy area now teems with top-rated eateries."

#26, Robert De Niro: "...the famous actor is planning another hotel to add to his burgeoning empire, which also includes Tribeca Film Center, Tribeca Cinemas, Tribeca Grill, Nobu and the new Greenwich Hotel."

#60, Frank Bruni: "Though more feared than any other reviewer, Mr. Bruni is not the restaurant grim reaper: 'It’s not my goal ? to put a restaurant out of business.'"

#82, Dr. Thomas Frieden: "The epidemiologist has presided over the most massive reactionary crackdown on city restaurants in years, shuttering some 200 locations in six weeks after an embarrassing video showed rats overrunning a recently inspected eatery."

#84 Tom Colicchio: "Danny Meyer’s former partner at Gramercy Tavern continues to expand his own culinary empire to 15 locations, with separate ’Wichcraft kiosks opening soon in Herald Square and Greeley Square."

#90, Keith McNally: "...the former bellhop turned eatery titan is often at the forefront of a neighborhood’s renaissance. Now, the Balthazar boss is aiming to revive Greenwich Village’s ancient Minetta Tavern."

#96, Steve Cuozzo: "The Andy Rooney of New York’s real estate and restaurant worlds is perhaps the foremost expert on how bad food can bring down an entire neighborhood."

#97, Guiseppe Cipriani: "The svelte Harry’s Bar scion oversees Manhattan’s most preeminent restaurant empire...His Venetian armor has withstood attacks from politicians, unions, landlords; now, the state wants to nix his liquor licenses. Bet on the bulletproof bald guy."
· The 100 Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate [NYO]

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