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The Curious Case of Action Burger

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Hey, remember Action Burger, the comic-book themed disaster of a burger joint that opened in Williamsburg last month? It was a curious case from the get-go but the story has been getting stranger. First, the signage for Cafe Mexicano, the previous restaurant, is still up. Second, according to reports, the place hasn't been open for at least three weeks. Purportedly it is "under renovation." Third, and most interestingly, they advertised the restaurant to their key demographic at Comicon but were shuttered when the convention hit town. If the walls of your burger joint are covered with comic book posters, maybe you shouldn't go pissing off the nerds: From a commenter:

"I got a flyer from Comic Con as well, and it didn't say 'coming soon' or 'under renovations', it also didn't say it was in Brooklyn, and there is an identical address elsewhere in the city..."
" some nerd friends and I all hyped from the con to eat there, got a cab to the wrong address, then found out it was a brooklyn address from a passerby, got a second cab and got to the shuttered up place under a mexican resturant sign. No sign saying opening soon idea if it was the right place till I saw picks on-line with the shutters up...we were all pretty pissed, and wasted a bunch of time and money....if it said comic soon to brooklyn a bunch us would have headed out a few weeks later and had a good time, as it is, we all swore never to go to such a poorly run place."
Is it shuttered for good? Are the just adding more action figures to the wall? Any intel is much appreciated.
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