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EaterWire: A New Name Our Space Contest, Red Rock West Shuttered, Radegast Gropers, and West Side Brewery's Construction Woes

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WILLIAMSBURG— Taking a cue from Kosher Villager, the new owners of the Galapagos space in Williamsburg are holding a Name Our Space contest. Previous reports that the place would be called "Natural Selection" were false, and the owners say they will give the winner a $1,000 bar tab and a year of free admission. [Name Our Space via Brownstoner]

CHELSEA— Some news on everyone's favorite cowboy-themed dingy bar, Red Rock West on West 17th and 10th Ave, from the inbox: "Just walked by and some suits are putting big orange "Seized" signs on the doors and chaining it shut." [EaterWire]

WILLIAMSBURG— One too many perverts have been groping the barstaff at Williamsburg's Radegast Beer Hall. According to TONY they are changing the uniforms so the cocktail waitresses don't look like busty trollops: "We brought in professionals from Czechoslovakia to design something different—a compromise between what the uniform once was and what it is now. We’ll debut it in about four weeks.” [The Feed]

TRIBECA— Some Top Chef rumormongering from the comments: "I live in Tribeca and I was just passing the Myriad Groups office and I saw Spike & Drew Nieporent having a heated conversation. Is Spike leaving Mai House?" [EaterWire]

UPPER WEST SIDE— The Upper West Side's West Side Brewery is looking for a new space because of the construction of The Harrison next door to their current location. According to the owners business has dropped 20% since construction began and they had to close for three weeks this year after a major mishap. They are now suing The Harrison's developer and searching in vain for a new space that won't charge over $50k per month. [AMNY]

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