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The Kosher Village Saga Ends with Free Falafel

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Kosher Village, the falafel joint that was once Chickpea (but still owned by them) and that came into its new name through an uber-gimmicky naming contest, sent out the official announcement of its opening this morning. To continue with the gimmicks, they're giving away free falafel from 2-4 p.m. this Friday to "celebrate this momentous occasion."

What may be more interesting to those who have been following the contest, or "FalafelGate" as Cutlets is calling it, is the reveal of the contest winner, the prizes for the multiple winners, and the apology for the spamming episode last month:

"Ladies and Gentleman, Kosher Village is open for business. It is the first Glatt Kosher Restaurant to make a home in the East Village.

Adi Libson, a NYU student who currently lives in Manhattan, will be awarded the $3,000 for his efforts. Adi will be honored at a presentation event to celebrate our new name (Mark your calendars). However, great minds think alike. An additional 21 analogous individuals also selected the title, and these clever cohorts have been rewarded with a Kosher Village Gift Certificate.

We send along a gracious THANK YOU to all those who entered. We also extend a most sincere apology to all of those who received our email mis-step more than once. Our expertise is with cumin, not desktop apps. We hope you enjoy our falafel more than the 'spam', which yes, we realize is not Kosher."

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