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Eater Inside: Scarpetta

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Krieger, 5/10/08

What we have here is Scarpetta, the highly anticipated project from Scott Conant, the former chef of Alto and L'Impero, opening tomorrow night. Formerly Gin Lane, the space has been gutted and totally redone as a rustic Italian dining room with an attached patio and cafe. The roof over the 70 seat main room is, of course, retractable, and according to press materials, the overall design reflects Conant's "honest and personal approach" to Italian cuisine.

But what of that cuisine? It's Italian, it's seasonal, but most importantly, it's from Scott Conant. The man can do no wrong in this town, so we're going to bet on some positive feedback. Since it opens tomorrow, we expect the first Chowhound post to be up by Wednesday and preliminary critic visits by next week. Further reading here and here.


88 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10016 (212) 691-0555 Visit Website

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