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FR.OG to Lose its Period, Retain Its Worst Restaurant Name Title

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From a press release announcing the new lounge opening in FR.OG's lower level, Origine: "The period has been dropped; a new chef has been added, and now a sparkling new lounge called Origine opens on the lower level to jumpstart the second year of FROG." The release goes on to discuss the lounge, the management, the crowds it will attract, the new chef, but never returns to the big issue here: the name change. Remember, if you will, that FROG née FR.OG entered the Deathwatch list on its very first day of existence namely because of Soon after, Bruni himself called out the restaurant for its terrible nomenclature (though the period mattered little to the man):

"I mean: FROG? (I’ve omitted the period to illustrate the point.) Isn’t that a derisive nickname for the French, whose food is presumably being treated with respect here?...Once again: FROG?"

Will omitting the period for good help out the new management of the Deathwatched restaurant, or the team in charge of the new Origine? We're going to answer with an unequivocal no, but we have to give it to them for attempting to address the situation.
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