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DOH Chronicles: Miracle Grill Update

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West Village: For those of you wondering why West Village staple Miracle Grill is still closed, the DOH informs us it failed its "reopening inspection" on Friday following their initial failure on Wednesday. There weren't mice droppings in food boxes, but we'll give you the juicy details anyway:

"Miracle Bar was closed on Wednesday, May 7 following an inspection that found evidence of a vermin and rodent infestation. About 130 mice droppings were found in the kitchen and basement food storage area. Additionally, over 200 fruit flies were found in the kitchen and basement and live roaches were observed in the coffee prep area in the kitchen...because of a continued vermin infestation, Miracle Bar failed their reopening inspection on Friday."
While a number of great restaurants could fail the DOH inspections, especially these days as they crack down on minor offenses, the whole live roaches and hundreds of flies situation is pretty nasty. Get it together people.
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