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The Shutter: Williamsburg's Gribouille

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Williamsburg: According to the blog Williamsburg is Dead and a number of commenters on Free Williamsburg, Hope Street bakery and French cafe Gribouille has shuttered for good. Over the last few months, the place has kept irregular hours and finally served its last brunch on Saturday. The owner blames spotty business. Per Williamsburg is Dead:

"A chalkboard in front of Gribouille read 'Last Day.' My heart sank. The dinning room was empty, the pastry shelves bare but for a small stack of raisin croissants. A cook poked his head out of the kitchen and smiled grimly. I asked him if the sign was true. He said, 'Yes. On Sundays, we were always full, but Monday through Friday...' He trailed off with a shrug."

The place never really caught on with the Williamsburg crowds and was considered a great place for croissants but not much else. The corner space though is prime real estate for any prospective restaurateurs. Just remember, the name Williamsburger is already taken.
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