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Monday Opening Report: Scarpetta Tomorrow, Hundred Acres Next Weds, Curry-Ya Needs More Time

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This is the Monday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.

curryya.jpg1) Greenwich Village: NYMag checks in on Hundred Acres, allegedly opening this week. Here’s the deets: “The menu will change often, featuring dishes like fried Ipswich-clam sandwiches, beef-tongue pastrami with potato salad, and New Orleans crawfish with grilled-ramp mayo and house-smoked bacon (pictured), with prices that top out at $22.” Status: Not Open. At the moment, estimated to open Wednesday the 21st. 38 Macdougal Street; 212-475-7500. [NYM]

2) Meatpacking: NYMag, along with Daily Candy, reports on the opening of Scott Conant’s new Italian resto Scarpetta and shares the following: “From the spaghetti with tomato and basil to the roasted capretto, it reads like a Scott Conant greatest-hits list. There’s even a nod to the late, great Bar Tonno in a tuna 'susci' appetizer. The skylit room, with its mahogany bar and white marble floor, has a rustic elegance, too.” Status: Not open. Opening tomorrow night. 355 W. 14th Street; 212-691-0555. [NYM; DC]

3) East Village: An interesting genre of food known as Japanese curry is to be served up at Curry-Ya, from the owners of Rai Rai Ken, Soba-Ya, Otafuku, and Sakagura. NYMag reports it open this week and divulges the following info: “There are no tables at Curry-Ya, just fourteen wooden stools lined up along a marble counter, each with a built-in cubby to store belongings. Nine curries may be customized by size, spice level, and additional topping (corn, Cheddar, or natto) and feature ingredients like grilled hamburger and deep-fried potato croquette.” Status: Not open. "Coming Soon" according to answering machine. 214 E. 10th Street; 866-602-8779. [NYM]


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