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CrimeWatch: Stabbed Grayz GM Has Ties to Philly Mob

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MIDTOWN EAST— Yesterday we learned that Grayz Gatekeeper George Atterbury was stabbed around 7 a.m. morning in Midtown, but we didn't get much further intel. Now we find out through reports in the Sun and the Post that the attack was by no means random. He was jumped by three men who rolled up to him in an SUV, stabbed him in the abdomen and slashed his face with box cutters, and then drove off. According to the Post the attack may have been related to his mob ties and an incident five years ago in which Atterbury was shot:

"Police sources said they weren't sure of where the attack occurred and how it happened because Atterbury was being very uncooperative. They said he had ties to mobsters in Philly and his father, George Sr., was a mob associate...Early on the morning of April 4, 2003, Atterbury was shot in the abdomen after he closed the Striped Bass, a restaurant where he was assistant manager."
NB to future restaurant types doing Q&As on the blogs: don't give the interviews if you're hiding out from the mob. Again, we wish Atterbury a full recovery.
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