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The Shutter: American Grill/Go! Go! Curry

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And we had such high hopes for the generic 24-hour diner turned incredible restaurant mash-up American Grill/Go! Go! Curry. Guess people with real vision can't make it in this city anymore. Before we get to the shutter details, some background. The saga of American Grill, and the space itself is chronicled well: After a year of construction in the old Kiev space, the "24 Hour diner" officially opened last June, closed a few days later, and then opened for realz in late August. A full two months later, the space was back on the market and then in January invited Go! Go! Curry to join as a co-habitant.

Somehow, we weren't so surprised when we got the following email this morning:

"Well, that didn't last long. This week the American Grill/Go Go Curry hybrid has been closed; there's no cardboard or plywood up, just a couple of sad handwritten paper signs saying "CLOSE". The American Grill Diner letters over the awning have been taken down, and that space has been painted black. Bit of a shame if this is the end... the Diner portion was pretty terrible, but the curry was great." A chalkboard in the entrance announces that an 'Asian Cuisine' joint will soon be taking over. Good luck with making that rent and dealing with the Kiev curse.
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