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When Good People Do Bad Things to Get Into Ko

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Gael Greene bought her way into Momofuku Ko last night, but that's not where this gets interesting. It turns out we were at Ko last night, too (legit resy, secured online). So, let's play What If. What If...Gael Greene was the person who took Tom up on his offer of a seat at Ko in exchange for covering the tab. What if, despite sending it around to every blog in NY, Tom didn't get any takers initially and then canceled his resy. But, what if Gael then came calling at the last minute and Tom decided to pretend he still had the resy?

In they walk to Ko—rather, What if, in they walk to Ko, where they insist the system made a mistake (important admin note: the system doesn't make mistakes—anymore). What if, Gael still unrecognized, they do get seated and threw the whole machine into Defcon 5—Drew, chief of Momo Ops, showed up, Chang hurried to a secure bunker, etc.—and, worst of all, the poor couple who had snagged a last minute resy at Ko had to sit at a makeshift table up front. But, then, what if Gael and Tom's meal was comped. What if the house said: "If the confusion was our fault, please accept our apologies. If you tried to sneak your way into Ko, we don't want your money." [EaterWire]

Momofuku Ko

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