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ENCORE: American Grill/Go-Go Curry Shutters Again, Reinvents Itself Anew Again

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Because one post on the magically horrendous East Village mash-up American Grill/Go! Go! Curry isn't enough, here's another. From a camera-toting East Village, more color on the latest of what is sure to be many many more shutterings of the restaurant space at 117 Second Avenue, formerly Kiev. The new plan is to transform the place into Song 7-2:

The struggling, schizophrenic "American Grill Diner" on 7th St and 2nd Ave (we serve burgers! and Japanese curry! and we have a juice bar! and beer!) mercifully shuttered its doors this weekend. I just walked past, and all signage has been stripped. Tucked into the foyer was this sign (above). Given the awkward phrasing of the sign ("Asian Cuisine Restaurant"?),and the speed at which the transformation seems to be taking place, I suspect it's under the same management. Maybe they'll serve pirogis and frites!
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