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EaterWire: Pink Elephant's new Place, DOH News, Gourmet on Terroir

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MIDTOWN— Midtown Lunch brings news of the DOH'ing of neighborhood favorite Hing Won. The funny part: to conceal they were closed by the health dept., the restaurant lowered the gate just far enough to obscure the bright yellow ominous sticker. [Midtown Lunch]

SOUTHAMPTON— Steve Lewis gets the official confirm that the team from Pink Elephant is opening a nightclub in Southampton: "A short distance from Pink Elephant, the former Tavern venue will provide a big room DJ driven Dance club experience to the Hamptons. At 10,000 sq feet, the space is the largest nightclub in Southampton. The Pink Elephant team acquired the venue to provide quality nightlife to the thousands of patrons who were unable to be accommodated at Pink Elephant due to size constraints." [Good Night Mr. Lewis]

EAST VILLAGE— Gourmet files a review on Terroir, and we are just happy someone besides us has recognized those guys are totally nuts: "The Riesling Asylum might be a more apt name for this sliver of a wine bar in New York’s East Village—only the inmates are the ones running the place. The staff wears red Che Guevara t-shirts, only Che’s image has been swapped out for Bartolo Mascarello, a producer of Barolo wines. The wine lists look to have been compiled by degenerate sommeliers stuck in high school detention..." [Gourmet]
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