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The Curious Case of Border Burrito

A special East Village correspondent writes in about the curious case of Border Burrito, née Rocket Wrapps:

"The place was Rocket Wrapps for a while, an NYU hangout and a decent nabe lunch option. They had good burritos on the menu and quesadillas I believe. Then overnight it was Border Burrito. It had a new confusing menu and the funny part is, the burrito wasn't as good as the one Rocket Wrapps even though it's the same owner. When I called after the changeover, the guy still answered the phone Rocket Wrapps and for a gloriously short time, you could get rocket wrapps OR border burrito menus."
Converting your establishment from focusing on one fast food option to another overnight is one thing. And doing a bad job at making your namesake product can't be a good sign. But what makes this place truly curious is its newly launched MySpace page pushing its "On the Border Singer/Songwriter Series":
"This new little cafe nestled in the heart of the East Village and NYU has been chosen to feature the first ever 'On the Border Songwriter Series' More than just a place to munch on fresh custom burritos, drink sangria smoothies and mexican beer, Border is designed to be a neighborhood meeting place and center for live acoustic music with cozy booths, incredible sound and a vibe that speaks of comfort and friendship."
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