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The Hog Pit to Close Next January

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— Dive bar, BBQ joint, biker haven and MePa institution The Hog Pit is confirmed to be shuttering next January due to the usual case of lease woes. Nine months is a pretty hefty notice, but the owners want to give everyone fair warning so you all have time to plan your final events (think New Years BBQ extravaganza). An email from owner Felisa Dell:

"I would like people to know that the time has finally come and we will be losing our lease on January 1, 2009. Our landlord, David Ellis and Assoc. more than tripled our rent and made it impossible for to remain in our current location. I think they are planning a Ralph Lauren Store. Anyway, I want my regulars to have an opportunity to book their last parties before we close...the rising cost of restaurant space in NYC is becoming criminal. Can you imagine the Meatpacking District without The Hog Pit?...if anyone knows of any space that might make a good Hog Pit we would love to know. After 3 years of looking we have not been able to find affordable rents, and (this is very important) it seems the mayor and the State Liquor Authority are now only issuing Liquor Licenses until 2AM. It's very sneaky, but in 5 years the 4AM liquor license will be a thing of the past, without any community input.
So Pit lovers, make yourselves heard re this 4AM liquor license business, and if you have a space for Ms. Dell, contact her here.
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