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Monday Opening Report: Bar Q, Moco Global Dining Certified Open, Bar Milano Soon

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This is the Monday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues reported as open elsewhere. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.

2008_03_q_bar.jpg1) West Village: Anita Lo’s bar Q, one of the more highly anticipated openings this spring has been a plywood vet for quite some time. A tipster told us last week that it would be opening Friday night for friends and family, and today NYMag reports on its opening with these menu details: “where grilled tuna & ribs and spit-roasted pork belly add exotically spiced intrigue to the burgeoning BBQ category. Lo tea-smokes her duck, her chicken, and her salmon, and augments the meaty menu with a raw-bar selection of sashimi.” Phone calls confirm open status. Status: Certified Open. 308–310 Bleecker Street; 212-206-7817. [NYM]

2) Murray Hill: In a decidedly less trendy nabe, Jason Denton’s Bar Milano has been reported to open on April 10th by NYMag this week. Our intel suggests a similar opening date. Some deets from NYMag reveal an “upscale” vibe: “A few telltale signs they’ve left the rustic enoteca world behind them: A proprietary line of glassware designed and blown in Poland, all the better for serving mixologist-partner Tony Abou-Ganim’s $13 cocktails; a designated pastry chef who’s not only baking the contents of the bread basket but making his own bread crumbs"; Status: Not Open. Opening "some time this week," per a phone call to the restaurant. 323 Third Avenue; 212-683-3035. [NYM]

3) Murray Hill: A little further up 3rd Avenue, Moco Global Dining is said to be open by NYMag this week. The former sushi bar Maxie has transformed into a more exciting culinary development with a well trained chef: “Joe Kurauchi trained in Japan, where he learned kaiseki technique, before embarking on a worldwide culinary tour, eating and cooking in 120 countries, by his count, and working in such far-flung kitchens as El Bulli, the Fat Duck, and Stella Maris in Paris."; Phone calls confirm it open. Status: Certified Open. 516 Third Avenue; 212-685-3663. [NYM]

Photo: bar Q in late Plywood.
—Kelly Dobkin