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Bar Milano Preview: Denton's Project Five Days Out

Though Bar MIlano was still heavy into the plywood stages just one week ago, we hear construction has been completed and the place is set to open this Wednesday. In just five days the public will be able to witness the place in all its Dentonian glory. To hold us over until then, a report from a tipster who attended a private function there last night:

"So you walk in and there are two rooms. There's a smaller bar on your right with a lounge, and the left part is the restaurant. Theres a gently domed ceiling, and the most noticeable feature is one wall behind the banquettes is lined with different slabs of marble. Jason said he and his brother Joe went to Emilia Romagna to find them. On the other wall there's another line of tables and there's a pathway for the waiters to go back to the kitchen. And you know at 'inoteca how they have those different kinds of cheeses listed on yellow placards? Here they're brass and drilled into the wall. The whole place seemed like a cross between Lupa and San Domenico. I was talking to him about the look and he said, 'We didn't want it to be too downtown we didn't want it to be too uptown, we want it to fit with the neighborhood.'
Remember folks, when you're imagining the place, that neighborhood is Murray Hill.
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