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Plywood Report: Action Burger, Subway, Connecticut Muffin, Brooklyn Bread, Pinkberry

1) Williamsburg: Action Burger, a soon to open burger place on Grand between Lorimer and Union, is the latest in a string of restaurants coming to the eastern edges of Williamsburg. The windows are papered over in old comics. [PLYWOOD]

2) Chelsea: Bottomless Dish has the news on yet another chain opening in Chelsea: "Talk about twisting the knife--it was bad enough that Mexican-fusion favorite Bright Food Shop was replaced by Chipotle wannabe Qdoba, but now Bright Food's adjacent takeout spot Kitchen Market looks like it's becoming a Subway. Chelsea officially wins 'the new Upper West Side' award this week." [PLYWOOD]

3) Fort Greene: Brownstoner reports on a new branch of NYC chain Connecticut Muffin: "One of Brooklyn's biggest little coffee/pastry chains, Connecticut Muffin, is opening another Fort Greene location, this one at the corner of Lafayette and Fulton. The storefront used to be a Citibank mortgage center, according to General Greene, and it looks like it'll be in business pretty soon." [PLYWOOD]

4) Park Slope: A tipster sends in a picture of Brooklyn Bread, another branch of the favorite Carroll Gardens cafe. The new one, opening in Park Slope, is on 5th Avenue and 6th Street. [PLYWOOD]

5) Upper West Side: And, of course, there's some fro-yo news. From the inbox: "Pinkberry across from Time Warner on 58th (between 8th and 9th) opening on Monday 4/7, FYI." [PLYWOOD]