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Overexposed: Totally Baked on Fox Five

It's great for a new business to get decent coverage in the press, as getting noticed can be difficult in the New York restaurant world. That said, it's time to put an official moratorium on the Totally Baked pieces (after this one, natch). It's been covered by the Times, Cutlets, TONY, Thrillist, Urban Daddy, and the list goes on. (It also features prominently in our Flickr photo pool.) So yes, specializing in baked potatoes strikes a chord with people, and yes it's a quirky idea. But the following email from a reader, who watched a bit on Totally Baked on the news last night, shows that maybe the potato has gotten enough press:

"Last night, towards the end of the Fox Five 10 O'Clock Newscast (admittedly the cheesiest newscast in the Tri-State area), Rosana Scotto and Ernie Anastos did a plug for Totally Baked at the news desk. They each had two of the truffle potatoes in front of them, and were giving a spiel about how Totally Baked made these absolutely delicious potatoes that were worth every penny of the $55. There was a Totally Baked to-go container in between them on the desk, and as they picked at their potatoes there made little 'ooh' and 'ahh' sounds. They cut to the sports wrap up, and cut back, and the potatoes were still in front of them as they closed down the show, more 'oohs' and 'ahhs', and gave another plug for the chef at Totally Baked. When all was said and done, they must have said 'Totally Baked', 'Truffle', and 'Flatiron' ten times each over the 4 minutes they devoted to the plug."
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