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EaterWire: Jour Et Nuit's Teary Shutter Email, Kitchen Leaves at Montauk Club, and news from White Castle and Starbucks

MIDTOWN—As previously reported, Jour et Nuit shuttered earlier this week. Just now we got the official teary shutter email from the owners explaining what happened: "...we have actually been fighting with the landlord from almost the beginning of the new restaurant...after months of being in court, we have finally succumbed to the matter. The landlord made it virtually impossible for us to operate, by doubling our rent and keeping us locked up in court...we are looking at many different options, which include possibly moving to a new location, or building a new space with a similar concept." [EaterWire]

PARK SLOPE— We hear, via the tipline, that the chef and a number of the kitchen staff have left the kitchen at Brooklyn's 119 year-old private Montauk Club: "Word has it that Executive Chef Alex Sorenson and GM Joel Tompkins have left the Montauk Club, in Park Slope, along with their kitchen staff, under contentious circumstances." A call to the club confirms that Sorenson is not working today and someone new is in the kitchen, but neither managers nor members of the kitchen staff were available for comment. [EaterWire]

NEW YORK CITY—To celebrate their 87th Anniversary and National Burger Month, White Castle will be selling burgers for 27 cents for 87 minutes on May 27th. The deal takes place from 2pm - 3:27 p.m. [PR Newswire]

'BUCKS NATION—Because clover machines and secret promotions aren't enough, "smoothie-like drinks"—important note: for some reason, not actual smoothies—are the latest ploy by Starbucks to win back its lost customers: "This summer, the Seattle coffee company will add a line of smoothie-like drinks made with fresh fruit and whey powder throughout its U.S. locations. Starbucks says they're the first stage of a broader push into healthier drink and food offerings." [WSJ via Eater SF]