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Bruni Breaks Silence on Ko Resy Frustrations

Finally the Brunz speaks out on his frustrations on getting a resy at Momofuku Ko. For the last few weeks we've been wondering how Frank has been handling the matter. Does he have a trove of intern-monkeys in the basement of the Times building constantly refreshing and trolling for cancellations, an assistant laying on the powers that be at Momo' Ko? Or have the folks at Ko given him a special reprieve? According to today's blog post, none of the above. It sounds like a) he is really jonesing for a resy, b) he is incredibly frustrated with the site, and c) he has a cadre of friends doing his dirty work in exchange for a free dinner:

" begin submitting a reservation request and then submitting it again...before all the other electronic requests, like sperms swimming furiously to be first to the egg, beat yours to the punch....Using a name not my own, I have tried this on several occasions, submitting requests between 9:58 and 10:02, trying to hit the right moment. By 10:02 or 10:03, I’m being told that all the reservations for the night just made available are gone, baby, gone.
...Because I can’t devote all of my waking minutes to the electronic hunt for a spot at Ko, I’ve deputized B. and a small posse of other gourmands who’d love to have me buy them a meal at Ko to try to score a reservation for two...I figure this way, I may get to eat multiple meals at, and thus review, the restaurant in 2009 as opposed to 2010. I’m an optimist!"
Good luck and Godspeed Bruni.

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