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Plywood Special: Jerry (of Jerry's) To Open Chambers St. Asian Joint

Yes, that is a yin-yang

Jerry Joesph, owner of the now shuttered Soho institution Jerry's is opening a new restaurant at 90 Chambers St., to be called YourAsian. There were some rumors to that effect, but now the restaurant has been confirmed by the man himself. And what's even more exciting: the place is only 11 days out. This should be welcome news for any fans of the 20 year old Soho space, but don't expect the new project to look anything like Jerry's. For one thing, items from the lunch menu can be made in three minutes. For another, well, just check out that yin-yang on the signage. Here's the complete breakdown, from Jerry himself:

Cuisine: "We have selected some of our favorite dishes from Thailand, Indonesia and a small sampling of China and Japan and even Vietnam...the best food in Asian countries is found on the street, where it is usually cooked by a family that lives in the back of their stall and serves the food in the front of their quarter...Our goal is the serve that type of street fare."

Setup: "During the day you can self order at the counter and select your food from a modular menu that will be served within three minutes of ordering. At night we’ve created an a la carte menu, different from the daytime menu, that will be served from our kitchen with full service."

Look: "The décor is contemporary ( sorry no pictures yet as its not finished ) and not traditional Asian décor except for the beautiful photos that will give you a sense of Asia."

Chef: "Our consulting chef is Ten Vong who is Chinese but grew up in Malaysia and is a Jean George graduate."

The restaurant opens for lunch on April 14th and for dinner the following week.
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