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FW: How Many Coffee Shop Workers Does it Take to Set A Table?

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From: [an eater]
Date: Thursday, April 3
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: How Many Coffee Shop Workers Does it Take to Set A Table?


Walked into coffee shop (which was nearly empty) this morning around 10:30 for breakfast. We were a table of 6, and two from our party arrived 10-15 minutes earlier and alerted the hostess to the number of our party. She said "no problem. we'll give you a nice table as soon as everyone arrives." The rest arrived and we were told to wait another couple minutes.

Finally the female Maitre D, came over and said they were setting up a back room for us. I pointed to a large corner booth and she said it was reserved. I pointed to the 20 other EMPTY booths, and she said they only fit five. I stated that we didn't mind and she declined.

"How about we pull up a chair?" She responds, "No, the servers cant get by." After a few more minutes of standing by the hostess desk in an empty restaurant, the Maitre D comes over and say its going to be 20 minutes till they can set the back room! We mentioned that they had already had 15 minutes to arrange something. Her response, "we weren't sure you would show so we didn't prepare anything". I told her the hostess stated she would have a nice table for us and the responded sternly, "I am the Maitre D. I decide where to seat people."
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