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Get To Know Your Critic: Adam Platt Discusses Ko Review, Top Chef, Blogging, and More!

Today the website Big Think has put up a series of 20 3 minute videos with New York Magazine's food critic Adam Platt. The videos touch upon everything from his beginnings in journalism to how he maintains his anonymity ("If I’d try to disguise myself it would be even more absurd a situation") to Top Chef, and of course, food blogging ("we're all internet journalists now"). One of the most interesting clips is of Platt defending his Ko review: "The bloggers criticized me for reviewing the place like a answer would be...a) the place is impossible to get into, b) it had been open for five weeks already and c) the menu's not going to change very much." We're pretty sure Chang has introduced a number of new items since the review, but that's neither here nor there. Watch the videos. Learn about food trends on the horizon and how the recession is affecting the dining scene. Get to know your critic.
· Big Think: Adam Platt [Big Think]