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Eater Match Game: Grom, Benoit, Wildwood, and More

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For a little rainy day fun we present Eater Match Game. Match the correct comment from all the usual sources—Yelp, Menupages, Citysearch, blog comment sections—with the correct new restaurant. The prize? You will be slightly less productive at work for the next 5 minutes.
Today's Restaurants: A: Grom, B: Brasserie Cognac, C: Benoit, D: Arlo and Esme, E: Wildwood, and F: YourAsian.

And the reviews:
1) "Like a lot of NYC restaurants, they pack the place with tables, a couple too many in my opinion. It's tight in there...Plates, glasses and silverware were removed between courses, which I loved, but then next course would arrive long before your next round of silverware. One of our appetizers never appeared...We didn't have the chicken, but we asked others about it and only heard raves."

2) "...chickens were flying out of the kitchen...Those who haven’t ordered yet ask their server, “What is that?”...There’s no “voila!” as each plate is delivered. A suit and tie are no longer de rigeur. But the food is right out of the old school—or so it seemed to us."

3) "This is a case of a decent concept that's badly executed...After a few bites, I fled down the block to BonBon Chicken. Now that shit is good."

4) "My friend and I decided to try out this new joint after hearing so much about the fresh ingredients...However, despite any good taste the service and the setup is profoundly horrible, and I insist that no one waste their time."

5) "I enjoyed the space more than any other place I've walked into in recent memory, but the music really killed it for me and everyone I was with (a diverse group of people aged 22 to 33)...Crowd was very mixed, in every way, a beautiful thing.

6) "The restaurant has floor to ceiling windows in front were opened so we could enjoy the weather and people watching, while still inside the restaurant...My salad was good although they went a little too heavy with the olive oil, there was a pool at the bottom of the dish. I also would have liked anchovies with the salad."

Put your guesses in the comments.

UPDATE: The Answers revealed: A: 4, B: 6, C: 2, D: 5, E: 1, F: 3.
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Benoit Bistro

60 West 55th Street, New York, NY 10019 646 943 7373

Wildwood Barbeque

225 Park Ave South, New York, New York 10003 (212) 533-2500

Grom - Bleecker Street

233 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 206-1738 Visit Website