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Resy Giveaway Aftermath: "It's Little Owl or Teriyaki Boy tonight."

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Last week we gave away reservations to Lupa and The Little Owl. We received far too many desperate and funny requests to publish here, and we still find it alarming how many of you are dying to dine at the Little Owl. The following are the very best efforts.

"My high school boyfriend, whom I was pretty sure would amount to nothing, is the co-writer and director of Harold and Kumar, out this weekend. I need some yummy italian food and oodles of wine to numb the pain!"

"I've been traveling to Battle Creek, MI every week for the past 10 months, where the best restaurant in town is Applebee's. The only other restaurants around are Red Lobster, Chili's, Taco Bell, and Wendy's, so I've basically been rotating between them, and am in great need of a delicious dinner."

"My husband wants to move to Connecticut. Please help me convince him that we can never move there, specifically, because there is no Lupa in Connecticut. Alternatively, I need to go to Lupa before I have to move to Connecticut."

"I should get the reservation because I, as a law student, never go out. I stay home and read all day. When I get hungry, I dine on leftovers. I’m always eating leftovers. In fact, I only remember cooking once since I began law school. I have been eating leftovers ever since. I also don’t have any friends, so it would be great if you can pair me up with some other loner so we can be awkward together over pork chops."

"This past week has been the hardest one for me in the six months since my beloved mom died, and I’ve been spending every day trying not to cry before getting home at night and dissolving into tears. Matt was going to take me out tonight to cheer me up, and now he’s upset too because his best friend just got fired. We’ve both been wanting to go to the Little Owl since it opened."

"Ok, I kinda need this, because then I can get my xboyfriend to go out with me, if its at a good restaurant, we both have been wanting to try. So ok. thanks."

"Nothing witty to say. It's Little Owl or Teriyaki Boy tonight."

"I put up a big fight before going to get my last name changed to my husband's today, and it would likely smooth some ruffled feathers on his part."

"My friend is taking an ultra scary chinese town bus to the city and he'll be starved by the time he gets here. Little Owl would make a mountain out of his molehill."

"I'd love to be able to eat at The Little Owl tonight because it's actually the anniversary of my first (and only) meal there today. That, and I'm celebrating the end of my 3rd year of medical school (aka the year of no sleep)!"

"I'm cat-sitting this week for a friend, despite my allergies, as her trusty cat dude is on vacation. She was invited on a booty call to Maine, and as she is moments away from being a crazy cat lady, so I had to help. (Some girls don't, but this sister needs a man.) As repayment for my kindness, she has offered to take me to dinner when she gets back on Saturday."

"My wife just took her dental board exam this afternoon which she had been studying for day and night for four months. Now she is officially done from Dental School after 3 years of slaving over teeth, gums and dirty mouths while working herself into debt from her loans."

Little Owl

90 Bedford Street, New York, NY 10014

Lupa Osteria Romana

170 Thompson Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 982-5089 Visit Website