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Monday Opening Report: Bourbon Street and Royale Cafe Certified Open, Le Petit Belge Needs Time

This is the Monday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues reported as open elsewhere. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.

The yet-to-open Le Petite Belge

1) Union Square: NYMag reports on the opening of Le Petit Belge, an aptly-named new Belgian eatery near Union Square. Here’s the lowdown: “A shrine of sorts to all things Belgian—or at least to Liège waffles, various imported chocolates, and paper cones full of mini-pancakes they call “poffys”—the shop takes a cannily ecumenical approach to New York snack food. That’s why it also serves frozen yogurt, provided by Berrywild, and rugalach made with Callebaut chocolate. And tea drinkers will still find the Tavalon line, in hot, frozen, and bubble varieties.” Status: Not Open, via walk-by. 22 E. 14th Street; 212-807-7027. [NYM]

2) West Village: Also in this week's NYMag openings (despite being two months old) is Royale Café & Pastry, next to Sammy’s Noodle Shop on 6th Ave. They check in with the details: "Two months old but semi-camouflaged beneath a sign for the defunct annex of Sammy’s Noodle Shop, Royale is a product of its proximity to P.S. 41, around the corner. That’s where the daughters of both of Royale’s partners attend kindergarten, and where much of the café’s afternoon business comes from." Phone calls confirm open status. Status: Certified Open. 461 Sixth Avenue; 212-255-5236. [NYM]

3) Hell’s Kitchen: Thrillist reported last week that once plywooded New Orleans-inspired restaurant Bourbon Street Bar and Grill was to open Friday night, run by the folks behind NY’s House of Blues. This massive bar and resto will feature: "bayou faves (oyster/shrimp/catfish po'boys, chicken and andouille etouffee), while the barkeep's pouring screw-it-I'm-on-vacation classics like the Alabama Slammer (Amaretto, Southern Comfort, Sloe Gin, OJ) and the Dirty Rotten: Stoli, olive brine, and nostalgia for a pre-Sgt. Bilko Steve Martin.” Phone calls confirm it open. Status: Certified Open. 346 W. 46th Street; 212-245-2030. [Thrillist]