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Two is a Trend: Waffle Wars!

In the blue corner, we have the Wafels & Dinges truck. The big yellow truck selling Belgian and Liege waffles has recieved press from all corners of the city since it hit the pavement about half a year ago and has some intense followers. It made the internet headlines last week during WaffleGate, when it was discovered the truck's imported Liege waffles were pre-made. And in the red corner sits newcomer Le Petite Belge. Announced today in NYMag's openings page, the small 14th St. storefront will open Thursday and will sell all kinds of Belgian products (and fro-yo) including real liege waffles. A call to the shop confirms that they will be selling the delicacies, and while the ingredients are imported, the waffles will be made on site. Only time will tell if this is the beginning of a real trend or if, as was the case in the baked potato wars, there will be a decisive KO. Let the waffle wars begin!
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