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Plywood Special: The Brooklyn Ice House

Red Hook: Finally, some good news coming from the restaurant and nightlife Siberia that is modern day Red Hook: there will be life again at the Pioneer Bar-B-Q space. From the inbox: "Someone finally bought the space that used to 'pioneer bar (bbq)' on van brunt street next to red hook bait and tackle, in red hook. the proprietor's name, I believe, is Trevor (Australian, perhaps) and intends to reopen it as 'Brooklyn Ice House' and had at least a half dozen people inside working on it yesterday afternoon...Trevor said it would be basically the same, a bar with burgers and bbq (hopefully of the same quality and price as pioneer -- red hook really does need more affordable good food." There you have it Red Hook. A new burger, bbq, and beer bar, opening 'soon'. [PLYWOOD]