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DOH Chronicles: Luna Lounge Shuttered

Williamsburg: A tipster sends word and the Dept. of Health confirms: one of the biggest music venues in Williamsburg, Luna Lounge, was shuttered on Friday and has yet to re-open. According to the venue's official website, they only canceled Friday's line-up and still have bands scheduled through the end of this week. However the DOH tells us a different story. Here's their background: "They were cited for operating without a permit on 3/7 and were given time to renew. They will not be allowed to reopen until they pay their fine, get their permit, and pass their reopening inspection." Phone calls and emails to the venue have gone unanswered. Music lovin' hipsters: head over to Williamsburg Music Hall or the recently reopened Sound Fix (which experienced a similar DOH incident earlier this month).
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photo courtesy of Luna Lounge