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The Shutter: Kirara, Sugo e Basilico

We've already had a few shutters this week, but there's always room for more. Know of a place that's met its demise? Let us know.


1) West Village: Kirara, a favorite among West Village sushi fiends, will be serving its last omakase meal this Saturday. A reader reports: "My favorite Sushi Spot that has been here for over 4 years is shuttering on Sat. They are across the street from BarFry and Bjork goes in there all the time." A phone call to the restaurant confirms that they are closing due to a lease dispute and they will look for a new location in the West Village after a short vacation. First BarFry and now Kirara? Something's amiss on that block. [Shutter Inbox]

2) Midtown: Midtown Lunch has the news of a shutter up on 5th Ave: "Sugo e Basilico 'on 5th closed down.' Opened in the summer of last year, on 5th Ave btw. 44+45th, I actually enjoyed Sugo’s strange brand of 'Italian burrito' (my term, not theirs), but just like Momofuku Ssam Bar’s original 'Korean Burrito' concept in the East Village (which I also *loved*, and begged them to bring to Midtown), too few people seem to like them enough to make a business." [Midtown Lunch]