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Plywood Report: East Village Tavern, ZeZe's New Project, and More

1) East Village: We've got news of a new bar replacing the sushi joint on C and east 10th St. Per a tipster: "New Pub going in at the corner of 10th and Ave C called "The East Village Tavern." Saw one of the owners working on it at 8:15 on Wed night, says they're aiming to open next weekend. 14 beers on tap and great bar food, he said. Has a cool light wood interior and bar, and big window front. I'll check it out, for sure, I love a good brewpub." [PLYWOOD]

2) Williamsburg: There's a new potential stunner going in on Bedford and North 9th in Williamsburg. The workers didn't reveal much except that it will be a bar and not a restaurant. [PLYWOOD]

3) Midtown East: And we have news from the inbox of a new project from ZeZe the florist: "The word in the neighbor these days is that ZeZe, the florist, will be opening a bistro or wine bar in his old digs on the south side of 52nd, just east of 1st (across the street from Le Perigord). (He moved his flower shop around the corner to First Avenue.) The building is a very small, one story box that was tacked onto the back of the building on the corner that faces the avenue." [PLYWOOD]

4) West Village: There's no news on Chumley's but we decided to check in and take a photo anyway. Because we love it that much. No changes made yet to the outside or to the courtyard but there were people inside when we happened by, a good sign. Rumors a few months ago pegged the bar to an early May opening. [PLYWOOD]