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Open Letters: Dear Bubby's, Pull It Together, Please

Dear Bubby's,

Will you pull it together, please? You are a shell of your former self. Warm, friendly service has been replaced with exasperated robots; your delicious chicken soup has been replaced by a streamlined version of itself, thin, not hearty, disappointing. Your salads used to be fresh, but now you're very clearly using lettuce out of a bag. Fries used to be addictive, now they're for shit. You've raised prices and lowered your standards. You seem to be convinced that because the crowds come, they will always come. You might want to rethink that strategy, because you're no Mario Batali.

You have not successfully executed a delivery order for us in six months.

In chronological order, starting roughly in September 2007, here are the last 15 experiences we've had with you:

1) Sunday Brunch. 30-minute wait (not bad), adequately executed meal. Nice Bloody Mary.

2) Lunch Delivery. Ordering FAILED; 13 rings, no answer.

3) Wait, maybe that's because you got DOH'd.

4) Lunch Delivery. Order partially delivered. Turkey BLT delivered as ordered (standard issue), Turkey burger delivered sans mushrooms; chicken soup not delivered. Elapsed time between ordering and delivery, a borderline off-the-rails 40 minutes.

5) Lunch Delivery. See above, mistakes abound.

6) Lunch Delivery. See above, mistakes abound.

7) Sunday Brunch. 10-minute wait to sign up for a 60-minute wait.

8) Official Eater HQ declaration: Bubby's is DEAD TO US.

9) Because we can't help ourselves and against all better judgment, BAN LIFTED.

10) Lunch Delivery. Yup, burned again. Now you've stopped allowing half sandwiches, too.

11) We can't access your new, more expensive menu on the web because the website is down.

12) Random observation. There is now a flashy, cheesey kids menu posted on the outside of the restaurant. Shameful.

13) Lunch Delivery. Order arrived with absurd mistakes. Turkey burger order with avocado and mushrooms arrived with cheese and no mushrooms or onions. Soup ordered, did not arrive. Side salad, nice fresh greens, received. Elapsed time between ordering and delivery, an absolutely unacceptable 90-minutes.

14) Lunch Delivery. Order arrived with mistakes. A turkey burger came sans requested avocado (on the bill) and whereas the alphabet chicken soup is usually excellent, maybe there were 26 letters in our bowl. Veggie burger was delivered as ordered, but sub par. Two side salads were also sub par, browned lettuce and all. Elapsed time between ordering and delivery, a respectable 35 minutes.

15) Official Eater HQ declaration: You can keep your pie freebies and promises of free order make-goods. You are dead to us.

Good Christ.