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Lessons in Uniform Design: Wildwood Gone Wild

Krieger, 4/24/08

Steve "The Full" Hanson had us by his new barbecue joint last week for a walk-thru of sorts. He showed us around, saw to it that pit master Big Lou Elrose had some brisket sliced for us, asked us what we thought of the chairs. Into the kitchen we went, where Stevie Baby stopped, looked at the door we'd just come through as said, "Lou, the threshold of this door is a quarter inch too low. Tell the guys to raise it up. And tell them they should have known better." The point of this little ditty is that the Hanson is locked in on the details. Dude sees things. Which brings us to another detail at Wildwood Barbecue, his new, day old, 'cue hub at 225 Park Avenue South (it replaces Barca 18 and Park Avalon before that). He's got the servers wearing the t-shirts pictured here. The shirts (50% poly, 38% cotton, 12% rayon) are screened with cheesetasic themed sayings ranging from the fairly timid "Wing Man" to the more racy "Gals Gone Wildwood" to the borderline witty but not "If You Mess With Me, You Mess With the Whole Trailer Park." Early reports indicate that food shows promise, but that's of negligible import here. If Hanson has to shut down the restaurant and turn it into a t-shirt shop, he'll still come out ahead.

Wildwood Barbeque

225 Park Ave South, New York, New York 10003 (212) 533-2500