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Checking In: The Fall Preview's Delayed Openings

Every September, the New York Times and other mainstream New York publications come out with fall dining previews. Fall is a heady time in the restaurant world, and practically everyone wants to open between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. But it rarely ever works out for everyone. Almost eight months since he fall previews came out, it is unequivocally spring. We figured it was time to check in on some of the big name places everyone was excited about in September to see just how long they've been delayed and who's already shuttered.

10 Downing
Original Projected Opening: November
Opening: Their latest projected opening in March came and went. We'd be surprised if they were delayed too much past May.
Back story: Owned by Joel Michel and Vincent Seufert, the restaurant was originally linked to chef Stephane Dorian, who owned Le Zoo and then later to Scott Bryan, Katy Sparks and most recently, Jason Neroni. The space apparently already has a beer and wine license and is just looking to get full liquor.

Original Projected Opening: December
Opening: Lord knows. The plywooded spot in Chelsea hasn't seen much action these last eight months and we haven't heard a peep from owner Jim Lahey.
Back story: This is the highly anticipated pizza joint from Sullivan Street Bakery owner Jim Lahey. It got a lot of buzz during the early announcements but not much work or ink has been put towards the project recently.

Original Projected Opening: November
Opening: Long ways off
Back story: The owners of Employees Only were set to open a restaurant with four dining rooms and a garden last November in a space on West 9th St.. That plan fell through and more recently, the EO team was linked to a new spot in Tribeca on Church and Worth that they will open as The Macao Trading Co.

Original Projected Opening: October
Opening: The place is looking much closer but no word yet on an official opening date.
Back story: Neighbors have been suspiciously eying the new Thai place on 2nd Ave and 5th St cheffed by owner Andy Yang and designed by Karim Rashid for months because of its wacky neon signage. If we know Rashid, the interior will be even crazier. The nabe doesn't need another Thai spot, but we're pretty curious as to how the whole thing will turn out.

Orginal Projected Opening: November
Opening: Next Tuesday
Back story: This doesn't have the sordid background of some of these other places on the list, but the "high end Turkish" restaurant is half a year behind schedule. It was supposed to open this week, but the Strongbuzz is reporting today that they are further delayed until next Tuesday.

John Dory
Original Projected Opening: Spring
Opening: More news has been leaking out about Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield's new space in the last couple months, but still no word on the official opening. They still have a month and a half before they're considered behind schedule.
Back story: Ken Friedman's second big project this year, and Bloomfield's first new gig since opening the Spotted Pig— there's some pretty high anticipations for this opening.

Wildwood Barbecue:
Original Projected Opening: October
Opening: Tonight
Back story: Steve Hanson’s new barbecue palace with pitmaster Lou Elrose at the helm opens to the public tonight after almost seven months of delays. There's already been a PR blitz and just about every paper, magazine, blog, and newsletter in the city is covering the opening.

Original Projected Opening: Sept '07
Shuttered: Last week
Back story: Owned by Jason Swami with Jason Neroni as a consultant, this Avenue B space couldn't hold on after six months of little buzz and no liquor license. Place is now gutted. It was the only restaurant on the fall preview list that has already closed.
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10 Downing Food and Wine

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