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EaterWire: Shake Shack's Extended Hours, New Wine Man at Country, and $0.31 Ice Cream

MADISON SQ PARK— Zagat and others are reporting that Shake Shack is extending its hours to 11 p.m. for the rest of the season: "You can now stuff yourself silly at Danny Meyer's burger join in the park seven days a week from 11 AM–11 PM until the end of the summer, using the regular line or the just re-opened "B-Line" (where you can only buy frozen custard, drinks and Shack clothing)." [Zagat]

LOWER MADISON— This morning the powers that be at Country sent over the news of their new wine director William Rhodes. He's going to add a half bottle menu, revamp the champagne lounge, and oh so much more: "Rhodes will work closely with Country’s new Executive Chef, Willis Loughhead...Rhodes’s first order of business at Country is to expand and deepen the wine program and cellar. He will also be developing a list of innovative cocktails." [EaterWire]

NEW YORK CITY— Sure it's no Grom, but the price is right. A deal next Wednesday from Baskin Robbins: "Baskin Robbins is honoring America's Firefighters by selling ice cream for $.31 cents per scoop on Wednesday, April 30th between 5 and 10 pm. Grab your friends, and/or the kids and have a cool one! This fund raiser for the firefighters is an important one for them, so let's go out and have ice cream and support a great cause." [EaterWire]