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Teary Shutter Emails: Jessie's Brooklyn Kitchen

Jessie's Brooklyn Kitchen, a small restaurant and catering company on Smith Street will be closing "in a matter of weeks" due to the usual landlord disputes and lease woes. Here are all the details, per a teary shutter email from the owner to her customers:

Dear Neighbors,
I have some unfortunate news to share with you this week?our landlord has surprisingly decided not to renew our lease at 200 Smith Street and refuses to enter into any lease negotiations whatsoever. Therefore, in a matter of weeks, Jessie's Brooklyn Kitchen will be closed;..If you are a landlord of a small space and would consider renting it to us please email us at – Your space does not need to be set up as a restaurant or kitchen – we have all our own equipment. We do not need seating space- the new space can be take out only. We are looking for a very small, very affordable space to rebuild our business from.

For now it is still business as usual?Dinner Menus will be sent out tomorrow as always.

Thank You,

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