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Plywood Report: New York Muffin, Rink Bar, Frankie's, Sinigual

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1) Williamsburg: New York Muffin is expanding into the vacant space next door. Writes in our BK correspondent: "Looks like it took over the store next door. I thought part of the point of the place was to stand around outside so I don't know if that'll change just because there's room to stand inside." [PLYWOOD]

2) Midtown: We already have ample evidence that spring is here, but here's just a little more. Rink Bar in the Rockefeller Center's ice skating rink has its tables set up and is putting the finishing touches on the outdoor bar and restaurant. [PLYWOOD]

3) Williamsburg: The signage for the upcoming Frankie's was spotted by two Eater tipsters. It's on Havemeyer right by the BQE and looks to be close to opening. NB: this place is neither connected to Frankies 457/Frankies Spuntino nor to Lil' Frankies in the East Village. [PLYWOOD]

4) Midtown East: Urbanite reports on the the soon-to-open Sinigual: "The old August Max space on East 41st Street and Third Avenue just get some new window signage Friday for a restaurant called Sinigual, Spanish for 'without equal,' which bills itself as 'contemporary Mexican cuisine' that is coming seems, given the ad presentation and the considerable space here, that Sinigual will be more of a sitdown place than than popular lunchtime Mexican chains such as Chipotle and Qdoba." [PLYWOOD]