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Listings: Williamsburg Landlord Seeks Restaurateur With Ideas, Capital

Because we love bringing people together, today we have a letter from someone trying to rent out a restaurant space in Williamsburg on the corner of South 2nd and Wythe. Why use Craigslist or even a real life broker when you have the blogs? Reaching out directly to the people:

"I needed some help renting a restaurant space, my father owns a property in Williamsburg on a great corner on the Southside of the neighborhood a block from the waterfront. It is a perfect space for a small restaurant approx 1200 sq. ft. with 1200 sq. ft. of basement space and a ton of sun light and long sidewalks which make it a good candidate for a café license. I believe there already is a liquor license. The last guy that rented the space opened a shitty Latin food space, I don’t know how you can fuck rice and beans up but this guy did. My dad had to have a two year ordeal of this tenant not paying rent so I wanted to help him find an experienced restaurateur with a good amount of capital and a fresh idea for the neighborhood and if the right idea or person arises I am sure he would be willing to offer some sort of break in exchange for a partnership...I know Zack Pelaccio was looking to open in Williamsburg maybe this can work??"
Hmm, we think ol' Zak probably has his ducks in a row already, and we're still wondering what Latin 'food space' he's referring to. No matter. Any interested parties can find out more details (address and price seem important ones) by contacting the lister directly at (347) 408-6271.